Top 5 Tuesday: Books With Creatures On The Cover

Top 5 Tuesday was created by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm, but now it is hosted by Meeghan at Meeghan Reads.

Top 5 Books With Creatures On The Cover

The theme of August is book covers. Last week, I gave 5 books I love with food items on the cover and this time it’s creatures, either real or mythical! I’m not sure what I’m going to come up with for this so I’ll have a browse through my reads on The Storygraph (we’re redecorating and sorting at the moment so many of my books are in boxes so I can’t look through them!) and see what I can find…

*** Okay – just drafted this post and there are SO MANY books that I love with creatures on the cover! I’ve made it into a cheeky top something with some bonus covers at the end… ***

The Girl With All The Gifts

In this post-apocalyptic novel, we meet Melanie. She lives in a secure facility. She’s really clever. But she’s a “hungry”. She has been infected by a fungus which, upon smelling the human scent, turns her into a ravenous creature. She’s on the front cover of the book. I thought this book was excellent!

The White Tiger

This book is a scathing portrait of modern India. Told over a series of 7 nights, we learn of one man’s journey from rural India to becoming an entrepreneur. I found this book fascinating and wrote a review of it.

The Stand

At just over 1400 pages, this was a beast of a book and I thought it was BRILLIANT. I think Stephen King is a fantastic storyteller. My next read by him will be either The Green Mile or Carrie as they are the ones I have at home.

Wolf Brother

I’ve read the whole Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series about Torak, who lives in stone age Europe. Torak can communicate with wolves. This is a children’s series but it utterly captivated me when I read it as a tween. There’s new instalments out now and I really want to get my hands on them!

The Thursday Murder Club

There was something absolutely magical about this book. It had me laughing, gasping and crying out “OMG” when I listened to the audiobook. There’s something quite charming about the larger than life pensioners solving a murder together. Here’s my review.

And here’s a few bonus entries as there are so many books with creatures on the front that I loved!

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