Blog Tour: The Cuts That Cure by Arthur Herbert


Alex Brantley is a disgraced surgeon whose desperation to start a new life outside of medicine leads him to settle in a sleepy Texas town close to the Mexican border, a town that has a dark side. Its secrets and his own past catch up with him as traits he thought he’d buried in the deserts on the frontiers of the border rise up again to haunt him.

To the citizens of Three Rivers, Henry Wallis appears to be a normal Texas teenager: a lean, quiet kid from a good family whose life seems to center around running cross-country, his first girlfriend, and Friday night football. That Henry is a cultivated illusion, however, a disguise he wears to conceal his demons. Both meticulous and brutally cruel, he manages to hide his sadistic indulgences from the world, but with that success, his impulses grow stronger until one day when a vagrant is found murdered.

When Alex and Henry’s paths cross, it starts a domino effect which leads to mangled lives and chilling choices made in the shadows along la frontera, where everything is negotiable.

About The Author

Arthur Herbert was born and raised in small town Texas. He worked on offshore oil rigs, as a bartender, a landscaper at a trailer park, and as a social worker before going to medical school. He chose to do a residency in general surgery, followed by a fellowship in critical care and trauma surgery. For the last seventeen years, he’s worked as a trauma and burn surgeon, operating on all ages of injured patients. He continues to run a thriving practice.

He has recently contracted his debut novel, The Cuts that Cure, to White Bird Publishing in Austin Texas. It’s due for release in early 2021. He has begun work on his second novel.

Arthur currently lives in New Orleans, with his wife Amy and their dogs.

My Thoughts

Thank you so much to Blackthorn Book Tours and the author for a copy of the book with a request for an honest review.

I was really drawn to The Cuts That Cure from reading the blurb. It’s offering me complex, disgraced characters and an insight into the mind of a murderer. I love it when books weave together two narratives and you are waiting for the connection between them to become apparant.

I was really enjoying the first quarter of the book and it opened really strong. Alex seemed to be a challenging character and I was looking forward to getting to know him a bit more. I also really enjoyed the chapters from Henry’s POV as he was an interesting character and I liked the chapters dedicated to solving the murder that Henry commits.

However, most of the bits I enjoyed were eclipsed by a disjointed plot which left me feeling a bit unfulfilled especially because the book had such a strong start. For me, there were just too many elements going on in the book with the references to cartels and gangs and the cross border issues. There just wasn’t enough about the crime which was completely the best bit! Although not everything has to always been entirely realistic for me to enjoy a book, there were elements of the book which felt a bit far fetched and extraneous. It’s a real shame as I think if we had cut out the Mexico bits, and focused more on the dynamic between Alex and Henry and its ramifications, I would have enjoyed the book more.

Unfortunately, the book did fall short for me. But, that’s just my opinion! There’s been lots of people on the tour who enjoyed the book so here’s a few links to some of the reviews if you are intrigued!

More Information and Links

Purchase link:

Genre:  Psychological Thriller

Print length: 298 pages

Age range: 18+

Trigger warnings: Significant and fatal violence; horror components

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