Blog Tour: No Place Like Home by Jane Renshaw


They wanted the simple life. What they get is simply terrifying.

The Hendriksen family, Bram, Kirsty and their two kids, are living the dream. They have left the rat race of the big city and moved into a gorgeous, custom-built house in the Scottish Highlands. Bram has already planted up a vegetable plot and is planning to create a wildflower meadow and keep chickens and goats.

But then a dead crow appears on their washing line, their vegetables are weedkilled and someone shoots at Bertie, a gentle guide dog belonging to Kirsty’s mother.

The police say it’s nothing to worry about, it’s just bored local teenagers hanging out in the woods. But Bram is sure that more sinister forces are at work, that these events may be connected to a terrible secret in Kirsty’s past.

And he’s right. As the campaign against them escalates, the family is pulled down into a relentless spiral of terror and violence until the home they always dreamed of becomes a nightmare from which they may never escape.  

No Place Like Home – the stunning psychological thriller from the author of The Child Who Never Was.

About The Author

As a child, Jane spent a lot of time in elaborate Lego worlds populated by tiny plastic animals and people. Crime levels were high, especially after the Dragon brothers set themselves up as vets and started murdering the animals in their ‘care’. (They got away with it by propping the victims up with Plasticine and pretending they were still alive…)

As an adult, she is still playing in imaginary worlds and putting her characters through hell – but now she can call it ‘writing’ and convince herself that she is doing something sensible. In real life, she has a PhD in genetics and copy-edits scientific and medical journals.

Jane is the author of Watch Over Me. NO PLACE LIKE HOME will be her third novel published with Inkubator Books.

My Thoughts

Thank you so much to Emma at damppebbles and the author for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

No Place Like Home follows the Hendriksen family (Kirsty, Bram and their two children) who have moved back to Kirsty’s home town where they’ve built their own home in the serene countryside of Scotland. The peace is shattered as strange things start happening at their home.

The book opens with a prologue in which an un-named male is hogtied and dangled over a bridge. We are left to speculate for a large portion of the book why this was and what this person had to do with Kirsty. The knowledge of a secret past kept the book really intriguing throughout.

I thought I knew where the book was going and wondered what would happen to the family as the threats against them at their property continued and worsened. I was absolutely shocked by the events that unfurl about half way through the book! I did not at all think that this was the turn the book was going to take. I was enjoying the book up until this point thinking it was a pretty decent thriller, but the second half absolutely sucked me in and did not let me go! I even spent ages trying to explain the intricacies of the plot to my partner who isn’t a big reader at all – me talking his ear off is a sure sign that I enjoyed a book!

I empathised with many of the characters. I really liked the contrast between Bram and his father-in-law David. David is the typical tough guy who’d rather resolve an issue with brawn. Bram, on the other hand, is much more pensive and would rather reason or leave the police to deal with the threats made at the property. Their daughter was also a very interesting character but I don’t want to say much more about her than that! The only character I didn’t really warm to was Kirsty as she didn’t feature hugely in the novel until about half way through.

Overall, I loved the pace of this book. The writing style was engaging, the characters varied in temperament and the second half of the book ensured that I could not put it down! I’d definitely recommend this book for fans of crime and psychological thrillers.

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Published by Inkubator Books on 18th April 2021

2 thoughts on “Blog Tour: No Place Like Home by Jane Renshaw

  1. Thank you – great review, which really gave me a sense of how you were feeling as you were reading, which I always love. I’m glad the turn of events half way through took you by surprise!


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